Why use VFX?

We have all the tools to manage your currency risk. Our dealers are hugely knowledgeable, whether you want to talk "spot" or "swap".

Maximise Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange can be volatile and if not managed effectively, can cost you money and reduce your profits. We want to help maximise your profits. To do this we will advise you on the strategies available in the market.


For customers who are comfortable working their own orders we can provide our Dealer+ platform. All clients can discuss their requirements with our dedicated dealing team. The Dealer+ facility gives our more experienced clients the extra ability to work limit or stop orders. There is also an ‘Up Alert’ or ‘Down Alert' facility which enables you to recive SMS updates on currency movements. Dealer+ gives you access to live streamed currency charts as well as a ‘Swap’ option if desired.


Make the most of your transaction

Whether it's locking in a great exchange rate before you have confirmed your overseas order, or minimising the cost of international payments then we'll help you make the most of your transaction.

VFX Pre-paid corporate card

For travelling international sales people our pre-paid corporate card is ideal. A corporate FD, or an entrepreneur can control the load of a dedicated pre-paid MasterCard that is linked to your currency account. Whether you have run out of petrol on the autobahn, or need some Euros for that client dinner, our pre-paid currency card is an invaluable ally. It can be loaded on the fly (automatically with preset controls).

VFX is there to be your outsourced Treasury department: we have the knowledge and skills, just give us a call.