Charges and costs

We don’t want our customers to be taken by surprise. So we have set out below the charges and costs which arise from sending and receiving foreign currency payments. Our structure is simple and transparent, incorporating a capped price for ‘Sending’ payments at no more than £15.00 per transfer.

Payments in

When sending a GBP payment to us, there is no charge from VFX. If you send a foreign currency payment to VFX, you need to make sure you send the payment ‘Sender pays all fees’. If we receive a shortfall upon receiving a foreign currency, the amount of funds received after bank charges will be credited to your account in your new currency.


Payments out

When we make payments out on behalf of our clients, some countries charge to receive the currency and this can be as much as £18.50. VFX will make sure all currency payments are sent with a capped fee of £15.00 per transaction.