Overseas operations

If you have a multi-national business or are part of a joint venture with a foreign company then it is essential that you manage your currency risk from the start. If you are unclear of the implications, or unsure how to go about minimising this risk, then get in touch with VFX. Our experienced brokers will find the right solution for your business.

Overseas subsidiary

If you are becoming an international business though expansion and overseas operations then it's time to really start managing your currency risk.  Perhaps you have to pay for the maintenance of overseas offices or business operations from the UK, for example? VFX can help you minimize costs on making regular payments in local currencies in the countries concerned.

With VFX, these international elements are made simple.

Overseas partnerships

How are you handling your international currency transactions? Is your UK or foreign bank giving you a fair deal? Are you aware a specialist broker like VFX can handle the currencies you wish to sell as well as buy?


Overseas contracts

Perhaps you are a film company being paid in foreign currency via staggered instalments or operate in the music industry working on US dollar-based contracts. You need to consider currency risk when repatriating these funds back to sterling.

VFX can help you manage the currency markets and minimize associated costs.

Overseas workforce

If you are employing personnel such as outsourced consultants or staff in an overseas office, what are the costs associated with paying them in the local currency? VFX can help to keep escalating costs under control.