Step-by-Step Guide To Making A Forex Currency Conversion

Open a foreign exchange account with VFX

To use our currency services you will need to set up an account with VFX. To open an account now, click here.

Buy or Sell your Foreign Currency

Please call the VFX dealing desk on +44 (0) 20 7959 6919, or click here to order from VFX Online Send Payment to Voltrex Foreign Exchange Bank Account Transmit funds to VFX from your bank by internet banking, BACS or CHAPS. VFX will automatically email you a credit advice when your funds arrive.

Onward Payment Instructions (OPI)

Send VFX a completed OPI form showing the bank account details of your supplier or designated beneficiary. Alternatively, you can send an onward payment instruction through VFX Online by making a payment request.

Payment Confirmation

VFX will automatically send you an email confirming that a payment to your supplier or beneficiary has been made. Copies of the confirmation by fax or post are available upon request. VFX can also email, fax or post the confirmation to your supplier or beneficiary free of charge.