Online Dealing

We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week access to the VFX platform and the ability to trade the major currency pairs over the weekend.

We have been providing an online service since 2006. In fact we were the first FX company to offer a browser-based online currency platform for deliverable currencies, with over 50 live streamed currency pairs. Access to the platform is available all day, every day which means that the major currency pairs can be traded over the weekend too. The platform has the ability to work 'orders' and 'alerts' and there is a settlement function which stores payees' details and has the facility to make overseas payments directly to your clients.


For customers who are comfortable working their own orders we can provide our Dealer+ platform. All clients can discuss their requirements with our dedicated dealing team. The Dealer+ facility gives our more experienced clients the extra ability to work limit or stop orders. There is also an ‘Up Alert’ or ‘Down Alert' facility which enables you to recive SMS updates on currency movements. Dealer+ gives you access to live streamed currency charts as well as a ‘Swap’ option if desired.


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