VFX Client Saves Thousands of Pounds on Currency Exchange and Transfers for Boat and Yacht Renovation

In 2009 two local boat enthusiasts embarked on a project of love to restore an oak hulled motor yacht built in 1964 as a classic Gentleman’s yacht. The boat had been languishing in Spain for many years when the two decided that the boat should be saved.

The boat is now on route to Barcelona after having over 500m of its hull planking painstakingly replaced by Lucio Bianco, a master shipwright from Argentina, one of the few left with this skill passed on from his father. The plan is to restore the superstructure before going on to Palma for the final refit.

VFX has been behind the project every step of the way. What Rob Mayor and Dave Critchley say of VFX: “The VFX team have responded whenever necessary helping to smooth the way offering a service second to none, ensuring currency has been delivered at very keen rates with the minimum of fuss.” Both would love to report back to VFX on the completion of the project showing the world that with enthusiasm, love and some commercial help great things can still be achieved. The VFX Team are looking forward to the launch party!



(above pictures of “Gentleman Jack” at the start of project and being put back in water)

If anyone would like to know more about this unique project please contact gjack@vfxplc.com.