Buying abroad?

Buying currency through VFX can save you money over leading bank rates.


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Setting Sail?

Keep afloat with favourable exchange rates from VFX.


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Keep your car

Vehicle importation costs less with VFX, and could help you keep your car with less fuss.


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Emigrating can be stressful enough for any individual to experience alone. The physical and logistical challenges really don't need to be compounded by financial worries.

By using VFX to move your money to your new country of residence, you will save money, time and a headache or two. So when the time comes to move, your finances will be set up and waiting for you.

The future

Protect your future wealth by making the right decisions now. We'll help you time the physical transfer of your money from sterling to the new currency, plan the overall strategy and we'll advise on the best options.

How VFX can help

Choosing VFX will not only save you money, but also time and hassle, a valuable commodity whilst relocating. We provide you with an online facility to manage your account with VFX from anywhere in the world, as it is web based. You can constantly keep in touch with live moving exchange rates, no matter what timezone you are in, and easily buy your currency at the click of a button.