Buying abroad?

Buying currency through VFX can save you money over leading bank rates.


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Setting Sail?

Keep afloat with favourable exchange rates from VFX.


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Keep your car

Vehicle importation costs less with VFX, and could help you keep your car with less fuss.


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Regular international payments

Do you:

- have an overseas mortgage?
- send money overseas to cover the running costs of your property abroad?
- live abroad and receive a UK pension or salary?
- need to repatriate rental income from your overseas property?

If the answer is YES to any of the above VFX can help save you money on your ongoing financial commitments.

Once you have bought a property or emigrated overseas, you are likely to remain with the burden of converting sterling to your new currency in some shape or form. But currency fluctuations can make budgeting difficult even on small amounts, and with high transfer charges and layers of commission with your personal bank these costs can escalate.

VFX has established a simple system of allowing you to automate your currency transactions and fix in a rate yearly without any transfer fees.

Our clients benefit from our regular monthly payments service. So whether you're paying an overseas mortgage or bringing rental returns back to the UK, using our service will save you stress, time and money.