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Using VFX to get the best rate will save you money.


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Sending money overseas?

Make sure you make the most of the cash using VFX.


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Taking a risk?

VFX has experience in risk management for you and your business.


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Today or tomorrow?

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Transaction Types

Sending and receiving you currency is fast and straightforward with VFX.

Once you have opened your VFX Foreign Exchange account you can transfer most global currencies into your foreign exchange account. Onward payments can be then be sent to any bank account account worldwide, usually on the same day.

After completing a voice or online currency transaction, our aim at VFX is to make the payment to your VFX account and settlement to a beneficiary account as simple as possible. If this is your first transaction, or you have an unexpected query, the links below are very helpful as a quick reference. You are always free to email or call at anytime if you still require assistance.

Whether your payment is outgoing or incoming we aim to simplify international bank codes, numbers and letters to create smooth transactions without delay, time wasting or unnecessary errors.